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Ali CoppolaWelcome to Currently Co! I’m Ali: a wife, mom of 3, native Iowan, former school counselor and creator of pretty things. For my whole life, I have constantly needed to keep my hands busy and my creative juices flowing. When my dear friend Karri from Rose Farm asked me to make a candle to sell at their farm, I decided that candle-making was my next creative outlet. After telling my husband about my new candle venture, he said with a sigh “So that’s what it is currently?” Yes it is. After much time and research, numerous trials, and lots of feedback from friends and family, I am so proud to share my candles with you. Hand-poured in my candle studio and scented with only high-quality fragrances, every single candle is made with love and attention.

Check back often because what’s current is always changing.

Candle Studio in Des Moines, Iowa